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How do I prove to someone I didn’t do something?

So last night I opened my phone to about 7 texts in a row from my ex girlfriend. She was going off on me, telling me she “knew it was me” telling me I’m a psychopath, the whole 9. Meanwhile I have not a clue what’s going on as I didn’t do a damn thing to her. She’s accusing me of I guess ding dong ditching her house and something about messing with her truck. She kept going off on me saying she saw me do it, if it happens again she’s gonna call the cops and all this bs. I told her it wasn’t me and that didn’t work (surprise) and then I moved on to trying to prove it wasn’t me. She told me the person was driving a blue motorcycle, I do not own a blue motorcycle, nor do I ever ride one. She said the person was wearing my green hoodie, I haven’t worn that hoodie in months. I kept finding holes in her story that I felt proved it wasn’t me as I know she has no evidence it’s me because I actually didn’t do anything. However she keeps saying “I saw you do it” I don’t know how to argue with what someone claims they saw, even though I know they’re either lying or don’t actually know what they saw. How do I prove that I didn’t do this ? She has made me look bad to a lot of people already when I didn’t do anything wrong, and now this is making me look far worse to a lot of people.

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    tbh she’s gonna keep doing this, just cut her off completely, like block her number and on all forms of social media so then you don’t have to worry about her

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      I’ve got her blocked on everything but her phone number. As much as I really don’t like her, I’ve never blocked her number because I always think about what if one day she’s suicidal or something and I’m the person she texts, and what if I had her blocked and it was the reason something bad happened

  • Diyah
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    Block her. Go down to the police station and find something you can file, like harassment charges. I think she is trying to set you up. Or force a response from you

    There was a guy who's ex accused him or slashing her chest. He was about to do time but his mother had a picture of him that provided an alibi.

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    Just tell her you're sorry these things happened to her but it wasn't you doing it. Then wish her a nice life and ask her to leave you alone.

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    I would insist she call the cops now, not wait for it to happen again meanwhile using it for an excuse to harass me. I would say if she doesn't call cops then she obviously made it all up just to harass me. Then explain that if she didn't stop harrassing me right now then I would be forced to call cops to report her unstable behavior.

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      She said if it happened again she will call the cops, to which I replied “do it now” and she told me to **** off

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