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Are you more prone to gaining weight if you drink coffee with milk instead of plain milk?

Does caffeine interfere with weight gain from milk or does it add calories? Does a latte have more calories than plain milk? No added sugar or sweeteners of course.

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    In 1 percent milk there's 42 calories, in moderation you're not at risk for gaining a lot of weight if you're exercising regularly. If you're counting calories then you may want to avoid adding milk, sugar or cream in your coffee, or switch to tea with out milk or sugar. Or try to get used to drinking coffee black, or try switching to black tea or green tea with out milk, cream or sugar.

    In a late there's on average of 274 calories. Which is a lot considering how many calories you're supposed to consume per day. If you have to have a late, make it 1-2 times a week at least.

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    Coffee black has no calories, MILK has calories. The coffee is not the issue.

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    plain milk, is not plain, it has been processed, I quit it, and slowly lost all the allergies too ! [ notmilk dot com ] and read , things the news will never tell you.......

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