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For a named area or country. Explain why it has a high population density ? Pleaseee?

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  • CB
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    11 months ago
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    Low understanding of mainstream birth control measures.

    Lack of funds for same.

    Job density

    Housing density

  • Anonymous
    11 months ago

    Australia. We let too many foreigners in.

  • F
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    11 months ago

    London. because successive governments failed to control immigration esp the Labour goverment 1996-2010.

  • 11 months ago

    Singapore. Surrounded by water, not much land area.

    Monaco. Surrounded by France and water, not much land area.

    Several islands in South Pacific. Surrounded by water, not much land area.

    Lots of others like the above.

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  • Andrew
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    11 months ago

    You again? This question doesn't make any sense at all. There are nearly 200 countries in the world and each of them has a name... In fact, most countries are known by several different names as there's the name or names the people living in that country use and then there are the names people around the world have for that country in their own languages. The Chinese don't call their country "China" nor do Greeks and Egyptians call their country "Greece" or "Egypt" either, so please explain what you mean by "a named country." That doesn't narrow it down at all. Next, there are many countries in the world that have a high population density and there are many different reasons for that. In some instances it's due to territorial changes. In other instances it's because the country has a high birth rate or a high life expectancy. Obviously geography is going to play a major role in population density. There's a reason why places like Greenland have a very low population density and places like The Netherlands have a very high population density. There's also history as well. Australia and Canada each has a relatively low population density because they were settled much later than many other countries. But both Australia and Canada are large countries by world standards, and because the population has always been relatively low compared to other places, those countries are primarily comprised of undeveloped wilderness - Australia is mostly arid and Canada is almost entirely covered in forest and tundra. The information you need is widely and readily available, you just need to tweak the wording if your questions so that people have some idea what the Hell you're on about.

  • Robert
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    11 months ago

    A lot of people living close together annoying the hell out of each other.

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