Check voltage on throttle position sensor 1988 Ford F250?


Three TPS wires Black , Green , Orange .

Looking for 2 readings . 1st at rest is supposed to be .08 - 1 volt . 2nd , throttle open , up to 5 volts

Which wires are used for these readings ?

I used to know but it's been so long I forgot ?? : (

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    6 months ago
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    Find the wire in the TPS connector with chassis ground continuity using the ohm meter, then check the other 2 wires for 5V regulated. The ground and 5VDC can be checked with the connector off, the 3rd will be .08-1V and will need a wire poke while connected to the TPS for testing. The .08-1V is coming from the TPS back to the ECM.

    Edit, funny how Geo gets more thumbs up when I posted the info first, atypical of YA guru's crap here!

    The guy didn't ask what the wide open throttle volts would be, that's obvious from a rheostat V output.

    I said it would be .08-1V at TPS idle, the 5V at throttle open doesn't matter since that never happens.

    How many drivers drive full throttle all the time? Again how my point rings true and the guru helped not.

    If you follow Geo's advice you will be looking for 1-5VDC on the ECM feed to no avail with the conn off.

    • Ryde,0n
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      Didn't mean to get in the middle of a cat fight here but both the answers were helpful . Checking voltage with the TPS unplugged showed me orange as power in , process of elimination means green was the regulated return .

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