Which Mexican Vanilla Brands are Safe and Tested by the FDA?

I've tried Molina and it was wonderful but weak. Then I tried Usumacinta and LOVED it. The bottle said it didn't contain coumarin but Mexican label laws aren't as strict as ours. The seller said it is FDA approved and imported, but I can't find much information to prove that it is truly coumarin free. I've been curious about La Vencedora because people brag about it and lots of people use it, but does the label HAVE to be in English to be legally sold in the US? Most of the bottles I see are in Spanish.

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  • Ann
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    5 months ago
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    The "Mexican vanilla" (not sure if it's really Mexican in origin) offered by King Arthur Flour is good although it's really expensive ($20 for 4 oz.) There is also a product (made in Mexico) by Danncy.com, that I purchase at a farmers' market here in TX. It doesn't say on the label that it's FDA approved. I never heard of the Molna or Ussumacinta brands--sorry.

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    • I am Bill
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      Coumarin is related to warfarin, which is found in some blood thinners. Eating foods with coumarin may be dangerous for people taking blood thinners, because the combination could increase their risk of bleeding.

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