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Ex Job is talking bad about me but was a good employee.?

A big well known company I worked for, for about 4 months talked bad about me, I quit with no two weeks notice since school was around the corner they where we aware I was leaving soon and when I applied for a job that works with school that same day they talked bad about me but also sent me an email saying they wanted me back but full time to work for them, if I was such a bad employee why ask for me back ? Right ? Should i not mention i worked there anymore to future jobs ? Since they might say that I was lazy or un productive ? Even though it was the opposite.?

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    You are at entry level and young. Don't bother mentioning the company. Go find something you'd like to do and maybe be good at and can handle the hours. Good luck.

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    Don't mention them.

  • Pam
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    How did you even find out that they were talking bad about you? Did someone tell you this? Remember, be nothing you hear and only half of what you see. If you got an email inviting you back, I wouldn't believe whoever told you the opposite. It doesn't make sense. However, if they ARE talking bad about you, they could be brought up on charges of defamation, although it's hard to prove because you would have to prove that you were damaged by what they said. I wouldn't believe it. The person reporting this might have just been jealous of you.

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    Do not go to these sites. They will steal your credit card information.

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    Get another job

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    no matter who you are ,it's unscrupulous to spread rumor about others ,and say the bad things about others, it also go against the principle of company regulation ,,at work ,even if you do the job very well ,some whistle blower will tell on you ,and say how lazy or idle you are at work ,some people do this out of jealousy

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    they can't do that so your imagining things

  • Anonymous
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    No... in most all states they cannot "talk bad"

    What they are allowed to do is simply report the facts.

    You quit without notice ("At Will"). And report your time on the payroll "from - to". Further during background checks the only question a potential employer will ask is "Would you hire this person, again?"

    Otherwise, the former employer leaves themselves open for a Slander law suit.


    1. Reason for leaving.

    2. Confirmation of work history dates.

    3. Rehire.

    Going beyond that (other than a government job) may allow you to contact a Labour lawyer for potential recovery of damages.

    As a potential employer, from what you described I would think twice about hiring you just on those facts.

  • Anonymous
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    Brian, I highly doubt a big well known company would do that due to being sued.

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    Who is the "they" that talked bad about you? How do you know they talked bad about you? What did they say?

    Who is the "they" that send you the email?

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