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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceTeaching · 9 months ago

How much to charge for tutoring?

I've been arguing with a mother of a 6th grader on how much I should be paid to tutor in all 4 main subjects for 3hrs/week.

I'm a senior in college with quite a bit of experience just from getting experience for grad school apps.

She originally wanted $12/hr and said she couldn't go any higher than that (but she drives a brand new Lexus so I knew she was lying), so I told her that wouldn't work for me. Then she went on about how she has had other tutors in the past and they were all fine with $12/hr and no one has ever had a problem with it before. And I told her $12/hr was just too low for me and I asked for $30/hr, especially with only working 3hrs/week. Then she told me she had other tutors lined up waiting, so I started getting my stuff together and telling her thank you for the opportunity, etc. Of course she changed her mind and said we could do next week at $15/hr, and after that we'd reevaluate and maybe go up from there.

So I said fine and I did my first session with her son, and now I've agreed to do 3 more sessions next week at $15/hr. But I honestly don't feel that comfortable working for her knowing she was trying to pay me so low & kept lying about never having any tutors complain about getting $12/hr and how she has other tutors lined up just ready to take my place (or I assume those were just lies to try and get me to accept $12/hr)

So basically what should I do? Keep working there and ask for more money next week, or text her and quit?

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    9 months ago
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    First I would research and compare the rates of other local tutors, then determine what my rate should be.

    Then I would advertise my services online and local schools and try to pick up a few more students to tutor.

    Then I would let this parent know that the lowest you can go is $20. If she is adamant about only paying $15... I would agree, but it would have to be via Skype or FaceTime, and only for 2 more weeks.

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  • 9 months ago

    She can lie all she wants. You’re the one that accepted 15/hr. If you think it’s too low then walk away. It’s like buying a car. The dealer has a minimum price that he can sell where he makes a profit and the buyer has a maximum price that he can afford. If they can’t meet at a point somewhere between then two part ways.

    You want 30 and she’s willing to pay 15. If she wants you to continue tutoring her son then she needs to come to a price that you can agree to. If you don’t like 15 then walk away.

    30 seems like a lot to charge for tutoring a 6th grader. If she were smart, she could come on here and get it for free.

    • Andrew9 months agoReport

      My friend tutors a 3rd grader for $40/hr so I honestly thought I was charging low with 30. It might just be because we live in DC so the prices are more expensive here and she just doesn't know it. If she was really smart she'd get a high school kid to tutor her son because they'd easily accept 15.

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  • 9 months ago


    That's short.

    • Andrew9 months agoReport

      I know it is barely any hours. It is supposed to be for the whole school year, but only 3hrs a week would only be $45 which is literally just gas money

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