Gary asked in TravelItalyOther - Italy · 3 months ago

Will 1000 euros be enough for 4 days in Venice between 2 people?

We won t be going clubbing or anything. We like to eat pizza and pasta and we we will probably spend alot of the time wandering around exploring. We won t be doing much shopping other than a few souvenirs etc. We also have booked train tickets to Milan to spend a day there before heading back to Venice. Thanks

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  • 3 months ago
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    As long as your hotel is covered by other means you should be okay

    • Gary3 months agoReport

      Yeah my hotel is already paid for mate

  • Orla C
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    3 months ago

    Would be tight. Venice is not cheap.

    Just be aware that you shouldn't go into a café and sit down for a coffee and a snack, but instead go to the counter and order your coffees 'al volto', and drink them at the counter. This is to avoid having to pay a rather high service charge imposed by such places in very touristy areas. The locals go to the counter.

  • Anonymous
    3 months ago

    Yeah. That sounds like it'll be more than enough.

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