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As long as I stay at a healthy weight, My breasts never developed past 12, I am 27 now. could this be a result of bulimia in my early teens?

I got my first period at 11 and a half. Before my 12th birthday I had a 34A bra. Then, years passed and I did NOT develop. Sadly I suffered from anorexia and bulimia in my early teens. I didn't go a day without throwing up, and often through up every meal. I fluctuated in my late teens when I put on half my weight, however I am now a 27 year old woman and still wear 34A/32B cup bras, I have been measured and still even wear bras from my pre teen years!

PS: My mom was a C cup, and not overweight.

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  • 1 year ago

    We are not our mothers -- we are all individuals. I'm not sure why you are so concerned. You're still a female and obviously have some breasts.

    There is always breast augmentation, but who in her right mind wants to go through that?

  • kelvin
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    no it still wasn't

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