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What extra curricular activity should I do after school this term?

I've always been a girly girl, into fashion and princesses and pretty stuff. So I was thinking of a cosmetology course, ballet or cheerleading. Which of these would be easiest? I really want to do the ballet? But how much work is it? And what do you need and have to do?

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    Do Cheerleading, you get to jump around and wear a pretty uniform

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    Forget ballet unless you are going to stick with it as you will not see any results at all for about a year. Ballet is something that takes time to develop.

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    cheerleading is not something that is often pursued past high school.

    ballet is VERY physically demanding, but cosmetology is more mentally demanding, and you need to be aware of and keep up with fashions, as well as have steady hands.

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    Classes don't count as extracurricular. You should pick the activity you personally enjoy the most. Or just join a school club that meets once a month if you're looking for something easy.

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