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12 Man PPR NFL Site. Commish set up the draft to where there's no snake 8th pick I think I did decent considering my Roger Goodell commish?


Dak Prescott Cowboys

Tom Brady Patriots


Melvin Gordon Chargers

Chris Carson Seahawks

James White Patriots

David Montgomery Bears (undervalued)

Tevin Coleman 49ers

Tony Pollard Cowboys (Zeke Elliots replacement)


Tyreek Hill Chiefs

Davante Adams Packers

Keenan Allen Chargers

Chris Godwin Buccaneers


Austin Hooper Falcons




Harrsion Butker Chiefs

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    Uh, why did your commish set the draft that way? I would not play in a league with a non-snaking draft. Did he have an early pick?!

    On the rest, your team is so good there's something wrong. How did you end up with 3 top 10 WRs and another not far behind? Your RBs are also quite good. Leaving Gordon out of it, you have 2 "gold mines" in Coleman and White. Carson is a great top RB.

    I just can't figure out what others were doing while you were collecting top WRs.

  • 2 years ago

    Two immediate issues with that. Elliott did get paid today and won't miss a lot of the season and Gordon has yet to sign. It does look good for your draft size and rules otherwise.

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