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How would you rate Hiroshi Tanahashi, from 1-10?

Whatever time in his career you're the most familiar with, or want to rate him.






Match Quality-








How hard is he to pin/submit-

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    Strength- 5. Based solely what he puts on display, Tanahashi's far from being a powerhouse. I can't recall many moves that are regular in his arsenal that involve him even taking his opponents off of their feet with strength alone. He'll go for the odd suplex here and there these days, but most of his game is either based on speed, submission/joint manipulation, or high flying.

    Speed- 6 or 7. He works more in bursts these days, and I can't attest to seeing prime Tanahashi. When he wants to be fast, he is fast though.

    Technique- 10: He tends to pick a target and work on it. If he wants to put you down for the High Fly Flow or maybe lock in the Texas Cloverleaf, he's got that dragon screw leg whip in his back pocket to put you down. If he's going for the rare Dragon Suplex finish, he'll hit Twist & Shout and Slingblade to work over the neck. I've often seen people complain about the greats of wrestling not working over the point of attack for their finishers, but it's arguable that Tanahashi's whole repertoire is catered to his finishers.

    Grappling- 8. It's sort of a new development, but he's went hold for hold with ZSJ in his old age and came out the other end on top on more than one occasion.

    Stamina/Endurance- 8. While he's not a spring chicken anymore and definitely gets a good glow on in the ring, I've never seen him too blown up to finish a long haul match.

    Match Quality- 8. Depending on his mood and physical state Tanahashi can pull a great match out of just about anyone.

    Agility- 8. The old man still has up's.

    Charisma- 8. As an English speaking fan, even without knowing what he's saying, he gives off a distinct vibe of Steamboat level white meat babyface.

    Striking- 6: He's kind of a mold breaker when it comes to the puro style. Nobody thinks heavy strikes and immediately goes to Tanahashi as an example. He can lay in the forearms and a good hearty slap when he wants, but I wouldn't call his striking prolific.

    Attire/Gear- 11. Best dressed man in New Japan.

    Psychology- 10. Like I said before, his move set caters to his finishes, and his style has definitely evolved into that of a skilled grappler.

    Selling- 9: It's a big part of that white meat babyface formula. He knows how to play on the crowd's sympathy.

    Toughness- 10. He's been around long enough to brave and survive some of New Japan's hardest hitters.

    How hard is he to pin/submit- 7. While he's one of the top guys in New Japan, and has been for longer than anyone, he's fallen into a sort of gatekeeper status in recent years. When it's guys like Omega, Nakamura, Okada, or Kota taking down the Ace of the Universe it's one thing, but when failed experiment Jay White's making a name for himself at Tanahashi's expense, then maybe it's time to reconsider Tanahashi's true position in modern day New Japan.

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      Awesome answer! I guess part of technical skills is more than having technical moves, holds, counters and submissions. That never really registered with me. I always thought Tanahashi was different. He isn't a pure striker, but is great at psychology and working the crowd. He adapts with times, too.

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    Strength- 7/10.

    Speed- 10/10.

    Technique- 10/10.

    Grappling- 10/10.

    Stamina/Endurance- 10/10. He'd Handled very Long Matches with Kota Ibushi, Kenny Omega, Okada and others.

    Match Quality- 10/10. His Matches always seem to be Awesome.

    Agility- 10/10. He's very Fast and Quick.

    Charisma- 10/10. He's very Charismatic. Most of Fans love his character.

    Striking- 8/10.

    Attire/Gear- 10/10. His Outfits always has been Awesome. It really Fit Him very Perfectly.

    Psychology- I'll say 10/10.

    Selling- 10/10. This man always Selling his own Injury. He also Selling The Other Wrestlers Move.

    Toughness- 10/10.

    How hard is he to pin/submit- 10/10. It's very Difficult to lot of Wrestlers like Okada, Shinsuke Nakamura, Kenny Omega, Jay White, AJ Styles and much more. They'll get very Frustrated when, He refuses to Give Up. He'll always get The Best of them as well.

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