Job for a blind character?

I'm creating a d&d character who is blind. She is a warlock so eventually her patron will be her "sight", but at the beginning of this Homebrew, magic hasn't existed for a hundred years, so she starts the campaign completely impaired. What are some jobs that my completely blind character could have in this fantasy world?

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  • 1 year ago
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    Herbalist, many medical (and non-medical) plants can be grown from seeds in a well-organised garden, or identified by touch (willow bark) or scent (mint) and the preparation of plants for medicine doesn't require sight with preparation and planning.

    Potter, shaping clay, and even use of a kiln to 'bake' the pottery as possible.

  • People who are blind can do nearly any job with the right tools. Jobs involving driving or very exacting detail work are the exceptions.

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