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Why do i get bullied while she doesn't?

I'm good looking,intelligent and creative.

I have many talents like poetry, public speaking and stuff. I've represented my school in many competitions.Im even the literary of my school.The teachers like me a lot and are always saying good thinks about me in the staff room.

But I'm very unpopular among the students. I'm bullied and fun of.I don't have any friends. I'm a total loner.

There is a girl in school who has mocked me several times.This girl is bad looking and untalented and doesn't participate in any competitions. She has a lot of friends. No one makes fun of her and no one talks behind her back.Everyone likes her.

I don't know why are my peers so unfair to me. Why do they treat me so badly when there is nothing wrong with me?

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    Those who strive for greatness often suffer the scorn of their less motivated peers. This other girl isn't a threat to these students because she's never tried to actually do anything high profile. By making yourself so accomplished you make lazy people feel bad about themselves. Don't stop being great, just don't expect the slackers to appreciate it.

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    Maybe you convey your assets a little too much and your peers read that as you being a bit of a suck up. For you to describe another as “bad looking, untalented”, and unwilling to participate in school events underscores the need for you to present yourself humbly, and not superior, true or not. Extend yourself to them as you seem to do with your teachers, and keep at it. You’ll get teased initially, until they trust you as someone willing to act as a friend instead of superior.

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    I recommend either going to a different school or being home schooled. Next time, someone bullies you, get a hidden tape recorder or video camera of the bullying and show it to your parents and to the principal. Besides, I recommend you confront the bullies and State loudly to them... WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM, I DID NOTHING TO YOU, SO STOP HARASSING / BULLYING ME, IN A LOUD CLEAR VOICE.

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    -she has mocked u twice

    -u have mocked her here

    -how **** u can tell that people havent bullied her at all?

    -also, ur opinion on your/others looks doesn't matter

    -u prolly suck socially if no friends

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