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How to dual boot Windows and arch linux in Lenovo ideapad 330-14IGM?

Pls explain it to me easily im a computer noob


The windows 10 was pre-installed and was wondering how to run arch linux alsongside it

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    If you are a noob.......I highly recommend you not try to run arch on the same computer as your main OS. Thats asking for a disaster. Trust me- you will screw up.

    As cheap as good usable laptops are today- why not just buy one of those $100 used or refurb laptops and play away- some are even cheaper.

    I have 4 older laptops _(8-10 years old)- 2 Dells, a Toshiba, and an Asus. I have $150 is all of them. Win 10 on the Asus, the rest have Ubuntu. All have IC3 intel processors and 4 gb ram- they run fine.

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