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What’s the best way to support my husband?

A fake friend he had has attacked my husbands character with lies. He’s lost friends because of it but mostly everyone knows it’s not true.

He’s forgiven everyone but I’m still angry.

He doesn’t talk about it but when he does it’s sad.

He’s always been sweet given me kisses held me when we sleep but it’s my turn to comfort him

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    He should sue the friend in civil court for DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER.

    Then when he wins the lawsuit and has legal proof he won in court and that the judge/jury found his fake “friend” to be a lying piece of sh*t, he can DEMAND that the people who “stopped being his friend” bcuz of the lie, acknowledge it’s a lie and start being his friend again. If they refuse, I’d just tell them they’re terrible people to stop being friends with him over something that’s legally been proven to be a lie, end of story.

    He also will win a lot of money in the lawsuit too.

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  • 10 months ago

    Go to doctors who are counselors and take tablets as they say.

    Talk nicely to beat the opponent.

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