Do I have to put apps I'm gonna download at my SSD for a much faster boot-up?

Or is it just the same boot-up speed even if I put apps like online games in my D: drive which is my back-up?

My SSD storage is only 128gb with 90gb left, I'm putting dota 2 which allocates 22gb of the storage.


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  • Fulano
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    11 months ago
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    The SSD has a faster read/write speed. So any time the computer is reading data from the hard drive, the SSD will make it happen much faster.

    Booting is when the computer is loading the OS, which I assume is Windows in your case. Booting can go from a couple minutes from a mechanical drive to 10 seconds on a SSD, which is why so many computers now come with a small SSD for the OS.

    As for games, the SSD speeds up how long it takes the game to load, and loading/saving in game. It's handy for some games with long load times, or games you play a lot. But won't affect the performance of the game.

    If you're using steam you can easily test the difference by installing the game on one drive, playing it, then telling steam to move the game to the other drive and testing it there.

    Just a final note, it's better for SSDs to be about 25% empty (some places say less). It helps them stay speedy, and increases how long they last.

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  • David
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    11 months ago

    Only programs that are automatically loaded at startup will affect the bootup times, other times such as games can be safely loaded onto your slower mechanical drive

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