Could my EX get a visa for domestic violence?

My EX and I where married and applied for the i130 for our marriage. I find out that was the only reason he married me! When I I had confronted him he admitted to it and that he had another woman as well from where he is from here and she was pregnant as well and we was expecting our children at the same time. So I slapped him on the face he called the cops on me the police said because their was no mark on him they couldn’t arrest me. Then him and his other woman went and put a EPO ( Emergency Protective Order) on me. We all went to court and they granted him the a DVO ( Domestic Violence Order) for 1 year. We are now divorced because he went ahead and filed for divorce I just signed to get the drama over with. He told me he got his way either way because now he can get legal threw the VAWA ( Violence Against Woman Act) which includes for man and children.

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  • Foofa
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    3 months ago
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    Yep, that's how U visas work. The really crap thing is that if you signed the Affidavit of Support for him you're still on the hook for his finances for 10 years from the day his green card was issued. This means if he ever goes onto public benefits the state's going to garnish your wages to pay itself back. Having sponsored a foreign spouse myself I can tell you you have to be EXTREMELY careful in doing this.

  • Tj
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    3 months ago

    Report him to immigration.

  • Ana
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    3 months ago

    Absolutely he can. You made a few mistakes.

    1) Marrying a dirty minority when you’re white. Total hoe move.

    2) Committing assault. That was obviously also very dumb. (You’re lucky you didn’t go to jail. If you were a man, you’d go to jail just because someone accused you of hitting them. You’re lucky you were a female.)

    3) Marrying a guy who’s not a citizen. (Extra dumb. Did you REALLY not think he was using you?)

    4) Marrying someone out of your league, as he most likely is. (If this is the case, you’re dumb for that too.)

    5) Getting mad enough to commit violence on someone who clearly doesn’t respect you. Why waste your time on- much less risk going to jail for- a man who doesn’t love you?

    You should be THANKING him for finally showing you the obvious reality that you were too blind to see!!! At least now you know the truth.

    But, I suspect you’re the kind of woman who tries awfully hard to insulate herself from seeing the ugly truths of life that she doesn’t want to accept.

    Source(s): PS: Why do you care if he’s getting citizenship or not? You should just want him out of your life as quickly and calmly as possible. It’s silly to try to deny him citizenship unless it somehow would benefit you.
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