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Would the ebook version of a novel uploaded on Kindle show up exactly like on the preview of the fake e-reader tablet?

I have read online that it is not recommended to use microsoft word for ebook purposes, but that is all I had to work with, and I formatted in such a way where on the preview on the fake e-reader tablet, everything looks perfect on all the pages as I flip through them.

Does this mean the actual kindle e-book would come out like that?

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    People read Kindle books on phones, computers and ereaders - all different size screens.

    People using Kindle readers can change the font, the font size, the margins and the line spacing.

    If the preview viewer offers you different screen sizes, try them. if the preview viewer offers different fonts, font sizes, margins and line spacing, try them.

    Don't worry too much how it looks with very large fonts - people who use those have bad eyesight and need the large font to be able to read.

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  • 5 months ago

    Anyone can easily change the font and font size. Look at the book with all possible variations.

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