Was it necessary for me to be attacked twice in this situation?

There was this one incident where a kid had kicked sand at me because I unintentionally kicked sand at him but I don't think he knew this was unintentional and he probably assumed that I did it on purpose. So for those of you who don't know the way this happened well I got upset because my friends hurt my feelings while we were at the park and I went to another section of the park and kicked sand but I didn't know that there were other kids in that area because I was looking at the ground when I kicked the sand and the kid that kicked sand at me was out of sight ( I didn't know how to properly express anger back then). However about an hour later he attacked me again by trying to kick me when I wasn't doing anything to him instead of telling our daycare teachers what happened. I can understand why he attacked me the first time because he was just defending himself then but the second time didn't make any sense. Yes I know that I was out of line and I really regretted what I did but if someone attacks you and you defend yourself is it really necessary to attack them again an hour later? Also I'm asking for educational reasons, I'm not dwelling on the past or anything.

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  • Pearl
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    5 months ago

    i wouldve just called the police on them if they did that to me

    • Charlie5 months agoReport

      We were just kids back then so the police probably wouldn't have done anything and no I don't mean kids as in teenagers, I mean kids as in we were still young enough to play with barbies and action figures.

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  • Ramona
    Lv 4
    5 months ago

    Ohhhh kay brah. You need to let this go. This was in kindergarten. Leave the past in the past. I think you have severe anxiety that makes you relive past convo's and experiences in your head and can't let them go. This is not healthy for you and now that you know that you have severe anxiety, you need to research on ways to do better for yourself. Find video's on Youtube about the stigma and research on how to deal with it.

    If you don't don't work on getting better, you life present and your future is going to go uncared for because you are living in your past all the time.

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    • Charlie5 months agoReport

      What I was trying to ask is if someone attacks you and you already defended yourself, is it ok to attack them again an hour later just because they attacked you? I was just using my experience as an example.

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  • 5 months ago

    You come to us seeking truth. I just got an email from a friend who is releasing a video next week. Please respect me, my friend and her video to gain knowledge on your situation. https://youtu.be/VsN7E35LpJE

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