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Is it weird how attached to music I am?

Okay before you answer let me elaborate.

First off, whenever I'm out, be it a car ride, the store, a restaurant, I absolutely can NOT go without my music (earbuds in of course). It fills me with severe anxiety. I thought that this habit would break after high school (I graduated in 2017, I just recently turned 21) but it never did. And it wasn't even a habit, cuz back in middle school I felt the same anxiety and found out Just before high school that music was the perfect cure.

Secondly, I feel like music is all I'm good at. I mean I enjoy writing, literature and chemistry, but I never feel super at home doing it. But with music, like singing, playing piano, playing accordian, harmonica, and as of recent the violin, I feel like I'm doing something I'm MEANT to. Like,, I dunmo. Maybe it's just my purpose?

Thirdly, when I get sick, I lose my voice (common in most people) and it genuinely feels like absolute TORTURE. Like I'm totally utterly useless. When I can't sing I start tearing up and feeling like my world is crumbling. (Overdramatic? Maybe so. But that's how it feels).

And finally, I have music decor on my wall (thanks Hobby Lobby) and whenever I look at it, I feel oddly at ease.

Why? Why am I so overly attached? Why do I feel like this? Even before I became obsessed I always felt useless...

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  • That’s the idea of the chorus or hook as it’s

    Known to hook you in on replay etc etc etc.

    Please check in DrKarlAbcearworms as doctor

    Has some great remedies ok?


    Very Best Wishes


    Source:) General knowledge

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    this is just a hobby or interest you have, nothing wrong.

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