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steve asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 7 months ago

What trade can I make to get a good RB and WR? I took a shot a drafted Zeke it's becoming a mistake. Want to trade Mahomes and Kelce?


Who can I trade for that makes sense for a WR and RB? Here's my team


Patrick Mahomes

Jacoby Brissett


Ezekiel Elliott

Kerryon Johnson

Rashad Penny

LeSean McCoy

Jaylen Samuels


Chris Godwin

AJ Green

DJ Moore

Larry Fitzgerald

DaeSean Hamilton

DJ Chark

Jakobi Meyers


Travis Kelce



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  • 7 months ago
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    There's no real solution to this, which is why I reacted so negatively the 1st time I saw it. I'm also not sure trading Mahomes and Kelce makes sense. One thing you could do is post on the msg board or the trading bloc (if your league uses that) and just say you're putting them both on the trading bloc and you need a quality RB or WR. Then just see if someone bites. But you aren't going to get an elite one.

    The other thing you could try is see who has Pollard and then offer Zeke to that person in exchange for a top RB. If you do this, that person will own the Cowboy running game, which is a pretty big deal.

    These are long shots, though. Anyone who wanted these guys early had a chance to take them, and they didn't.

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  • 7 months ago

    That depends more on who the other teams have. Look for a team that has strong RBs and WEs but are weak outside of that.

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    • BroHam7 months agoReport

      Find someone with a weak TE and has some extra RB’s or WR’s. Then you’ll probably have to downgrade a good amount at TE but you can always pick up another that can possibly have good potential like Ebron or Darren Waller.

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