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Is it hard to access your member of congress? and why?

I tried to get a meeting with my representative to discuss an issue....

(granted, I was asking if she would meet with me locally, not in d.c.) ---- she was unable to honor my request and instead offered staffers.....

now, I know there are certain times of the year when congress is in recess,

and I wasn't in any hurry ----

if you want to meet with me several months from now or even next year --- however long it takes I'll be patient.

---nope, she just flat-out won't meet with me.

I know each congressional district has a population of about 700,000

--- that's a lot, but how many of them are seriously trying to meet with their congressman at one time? I can't imagine it's that many. Most people go their whole lives without meeting their congressman once.

Is my congresswoman being unreasonable?

Do you think if I had made the request to meet in D.C. would that have changed the answer?

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  • Daddio
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    3 months ago
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    Yes, especially Senators. I have seen Representatives at stores and area functions before. Maybe try going through staffers first and maybe they might arrange something later

  • Pam
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    3 months ago

    No, I don't think your congressman was being unreasonable. He doesn't know you from adam. Why would he agree to meet a stranger, even if you are a constituent. It would have been more prudent and reasonable to schedule a meeting in his office rather than asking to meet locally. Trump has us living in crazy times, so do you blame them for being cautious?

    • Lois Griffin
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      3 months agoReport

      "Why would he agree to meet a stranger, even if you are a constituent." ---- because it's their job to meet with their constituents??? WTF that's like saying a cashier should refuse to take the order of a customer because they don't know him.

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