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Whats the best way to go from 120 to 150 muscle of get it? Bulking up and shred later or workout and eating protein and carbs during the day?

6'1 120 lbs and want to get to 150-170 lbs of muscle but idk what's the best way to get my results faster to get up to 150 of normal weight or work my way up by working out and going on a protein/carbs diet

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    The fastest (healthy) way is (there is no other faster healthy - keep your health, because what you are/can be able to ruin in one day you can't repair in 10 years - think twice before you try or do anything you do not know):

    - Morning : BCAA 2:1:1 before activities, no other foods or supplements, vitamins try at minimum or no at all until at night or after lunch. Strict 2:1:1 because you need L-valin for creating any muscle, that is the only component you need in the morning, other things will only prevent absorption and using the(that) amino. B vitamins, magnesium and similar you can.

    - After activities, after 5 hours around, again BCAA but try 20:1:1 full with L-leucin only, that is to prevent muscle loss which is created.

    - Lunch, dinner: what ever you wish, ... chicken salad with greens?

    - After lunch: few hours, every hour some/any protein powder, or mass gainer, but every hour not more that 20 grams.... === every hour.

    - At night if you're short on breath take 100-150 mg aminophyline or similar for asthma, otherwise it is up to you Clenbuterol , 1 week on, 1 week off. (they/it pumps oxygen)

    P.S. When you reach 150-170 you'll see it is not much difference for 6.1, I'd double than that, it is not much even that. 50 sbmi and over could be good for muscles, I am not joking (I felt that - but I do other things now). Mind is biggest cheater. Try.

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    No one gains 50 pounds of muscle without steroids. If you have already made the bad choice to use steroids, then it shouldn't matter which you do first.

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