On the galaxy note 10 plus, why does the picture look different after you take it?

Before i press the button to actually take the photo for a selfie, it always looks brighter and sharper. But after I take it and look at it through the gallery, it doesn t look as good. Can anyone explain this and if there s a way to change it so the picture you take looks the same?

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  • Frank
    Lv 7
    3 months ago
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    The Galaxy Note 10 Plus saves images as JPEGs. And since the images are JPEGs, they are by definition RAW images that have been processes and then saved as a JPEG. It's this processing that is likely to causing the problems. You can control a variety of settings such as resolution, compression and color. By color, I mean you can decide if you want your final JPEG to have a vibrant color, natural color, B&W and a variety of other color styles.

    Try using a different color style such as neutral and see if that doesn't help. Your phone could very well be set to a vibrant mode or some other mode that is changing they way the phone processes the images.

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