Can someone translate Talbot’s long speech in scene 4.6 of 1 Henry VI (“When from the Dauphin’s crest...”) into modern English?

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    When you attacked the Dauphin's helmet with your sword, it warmed your father's heart with pride for such a bold victory. Then old age, made fast with youthful anger, defeated Alencon, Orleans, Burgundy and saved you from the best of France. The enraged bastard Orleans, that took blood from you, my boy, and took the virginity of your first fight, I met him soon after that and we exchanged some blows. I quickly drew some of his bastard blood and insultingly told him: "I spill your poisonous, lowly and illegitimate blood in revenge for my pure blood which you took from Talbot, my brave son." Then, I intended to destroy the Bastard but he was saved. Speak to me, are you not tired, John? How are you? Will you leave the battle, boy, or run away now that you have proven yourself to be brave? Run away to avenge my death when I'm dead. The help of one person doesn't really matter to me. Oh, it's too insane, I know, to gamble away our lives in one small boat. If I don't die today from the anger of the French, tomorrow I'll die of old age. They don't gain anything by killing me and if I stay, it only shortens my life by one day. Your mother dies with you, as does the name of our family. The revenge of my death, your young age, England's fame—we gamble all those and more away if you stay here! But they will all be saved if you run away.

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