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Neighbors close to downtown Toronto?

Hey guys,

I’m looking at Airbnbs for my trip to Toronto and my friend told me to stay in the downtown area. I really don’t want to spend a lot of transportation so I would prefer to stay close. Can someone give me cities or places close to downtown I can check to stay? Thank you

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  • Jay P
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    11 months ago
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    How about right in the downtown area? Downtown Toronto has a lot of newly built condominiums so I'm sure there is a wide selection of condos to choose from through Airbnb.

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  • 10 months ago

    Is your map broken?

    Your choice to spend TIME or $$$ during your stay in Toronto. It is a huge city that you want to travel an hour each way to save a few dollars is your choice.

    Suggest you find a place NEAR a Subway stop. All day transit pass in Toronto is about $10 good for subway, buses and streetcars.

    My friend told me to stay in the downtown area. SO WHAT. Does your friend KNOW Toronto?

    It is true most but not all Tourist stuff is near the Centre. Price tends to be higher near the centre. A kilometre away is not near the centre and neither is 50 kilometres away. Big difference is cost in time

    The are hundreds of listings. NO IDEA what amenities are essential to you.

    I stay in much cheaper places and drive my car to a subway stop for parking when I visit Toronto. The room is for SLEEPING not looking at the view out the window.

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