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How might they have died?

This might be awful to ask but my two friends died in a car crash back in December and I’ve always wondered how they might have passed. I do miss them terribly and just want a better explanation of how it might have happened. No autopsy has been released although I do believe both of them have had one performed. Thanks.

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    The passenger seat occupant would have died instantly of massive bodily trauma. Probably before even fully reacting to the initial sound of the collision.

    The driver almost certainly died instantly as well of the same causes.

    The exact details of the injuries they sustained will be in their pathology reports, but will be horrific. The saving grace is that both were likely dead before the collision had even finished happening. Also huge traumatic injuries are often not initially painful, so even if either of them had survived for a few moments and even more unlikely had been conscious then that person would not likely have been fully aware of what had happened, nor of the exact nature of his or her injuries.

    There’s very little point in dwelling on the details of exactly how they were killed. Remember them as they were instead.

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    The most common cause of death in a car accident is severe trauma to the head and internal organs

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