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Why do you think WWE chooses gimmicks for minorities and foreign wrestlers that are not as good as the real backstory of the wrestlers?

Ron Simmons decorated NCAA player , former NFL player , 1st African American to hold a major heavy weight title

José Alberto Rodríguez aka Alberto Del Rio won a Gold medal in wrestling at the Pan American Games . Competed in MMA in a Mask, has a winning MMA record

Jacqueline Moore third degree black belt in taekwondo and also has experience in kickboxing and boxing.

Maryse has a Bachelors degree in business administration and a black belt in martial arts

Allen James Coage AKA Bad News Brown won a bronze medal in the Olympics in Judo and won 2 gold medals in the Pan American Games

Austin Watson aka Xavier Woods I believe he has a PHD in psychology or is in the process of getting it. That can be used for several angles and has a good amateur record

Anthony Carelli aka Santino Marella has experience in judo and MMA

Booby Lashley How often due you hear in WWE about Booby’s military experience, awards for amateur wrestling or MMA experience

Rusev has Muay Thai Experience

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    Unfortunately Vince if he does not have a role in defining a character's image it is not good. Unless someone already is a big name like rousey or Kurt Vince tends to script how wrestlers are marketed . Foreign wrestlers and minorities tend to be personifications of stereotypes thanks to vince

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    i guess thy not want to put there real info

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    You're trying to make this a race thing. It's not. These wrestlers are entertainers. They are actors. They all have their backstroke changed at the whim of the writers in character development.

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    Everyone would legitimately care about a third degree black belt in a company and a bronze medalist in Judo. Not to mention the fact that for many of these wrestlers the facts of their professional background would be better to use instead of the kid make that they had

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    wwe doesn't force them to change anything

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    Alberto Del Rio, Maryse and Santino Marella - Got over because of their characters, this would have benefited absolutely none of them and you exaggerate Del Rio's MMA career which is 14 fights total.

    Bobby Lashley, Ron Simmons, Rusev and Xavier Woods - WWE has mentioned this numerous times, clearly you don't watch the product.

    Everyone still wouldn't have given a sht about Bad News Brown or Jacqueline Moore.

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