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I hope Richard Gere never returns to Italy for holidays or anything else?


There is something destabilizing about him.

He can't solve the problems by making the effort once in a while, and then he goes off for a wonderful boat trip. How many people are close to him who need help in his country?

Is it a ridiculous explosion of glory of an old man, in the company of people he knows nothing about, in a country where he knows no one outside of those who serve him and reveres him:he acts like a tyrant against the will of the people, and he is a Buddhist?

Update 2:

He is an unjust and intolerant person: if he were truly Buddhist he would let people approach him as they wish, without forcing them to do so.

Update 3:

There are so many people who suffer in an attempt to solve the problems, but he seems to be interested only in those who give him consent to obtain the success he so much regrets.

Update 4:

@Robin:i have no problem with R.G,. but he is not a friend of mine.

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    his is such a jackass. Italy has a terrible refugee problem and Richard were doesnt understand it. he has spent his whole life with head up hi sass pretending to be an artist. I think he is just virtue signaling and trying to get attention. The guys a moron

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  • Robin
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    3 months ago

    why sounds like you have a problem with richard gere

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    That is a nice thought, but we do not want him around here either. Perhaps he should by his own island, and just stay there.

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    Richard Gere will go wherever and do whatever his boss George orders him.

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    What is your reason for saying that?

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