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I need help with my physics test?

Can someone answer these? It would also help me a lot if you told me how you got the answers. thank you:

1. How many liters can a cylinder hold that is 1 m tall and has a radius of .25 m?

2. A car drives 20 miles North, turns left 300 and drives 40 miles. What is the car’s final displacement?

3. A plane flies at 400 for 150 miles,then flies 200 miles at an angle of 150 west of North. What is the plane’s final displacement?

4. A car starts 10 meters away from a house, accelerates away from the house at 2 m/s2 until it is 50 meters away from the house.

How long did it take for this to happen?

What is the car’s final speed?

5. A boat is moving perpendicular across a river. The boat is moving at 4 m/s and the river moves at 2 m/s. If the river is 28 meters across, what is the displacement of the boat?

6. A ball is launched off a cliff at 300 moving at 20 m/s. The cliff is 50m tall. How far in the x-direction did the ball go?

7. A partially filled balloon that has helium in it is released off the top of a 400m building. Because of the Helium, the acceleration due to gravity is decreased to 2.5 m/s2. How long does it take for the balloon to reach the ground

8. A rubber ball travelling at 10 m/s for 4 seconds at 450 north of East collides with a wall. The ball reflects off the wall at the same speed and continues to move for 3 seconds. What is the displacement of the ball?

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    No one is answering 8 questions for 10 points, maybe list each question individually. The solution to number 1 is in the Comment section

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      1 area = pi r 2
      3.1415 x 25 x 25 = 1963.44 cm2
      Volume tube 1963.44 x 100 = 196344 cm3
      = 196.34 liters

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    For start maybe try not using 0 for the degree symbol?

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    How is this a test exactly?

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