what is 510x10^6km^2 in ft? pls show in dimensional analysis fashion?

so I had

(510x10^6km^2)(1000m^2)/1km^2(100cm^2)/1m^2(1in^2/2.54cm^2) and this is where I get stuck cus I still end up with square feet and its not supposed to end in square feet. should I just take the square root of km^2 like my friend told me...? pls help

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  • 6 months ago

    (.... km^2) * ("hey google, how many sqft in a sq km ?") ... as Larry said, you HAVE TO end up in sqft

    Source(s): idk "dimensional analysis"
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  • 6 months ago



    10^6 * 1000 *1000 *510 m*m

    10^12 *510 * (3.3*3.3) ft*ft

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  • 6 months ago

    First of all, I don't agree with your dimensional analysis, but you must end up in square feet if you're talking about square kilometers. If I were to ask you what's the length in square feet in feet? You can't answer such a question. It would be the. same as asking how many centimeters in a Cm3 (a milliliter). Another example would be asking for the length of ten square feet. You could have ten square feet in something that's one foot wide and ten feet long or two feet wide and five feet long.

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