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Why did the guys at work refer to the women's (field) hockey tournament as the "hockey euros" and the men's as "the men's hockey euros"?

I've never heard that before. I've heard the opposite where it's the "world cup" (for men) and the "women's world cup". I was surprised because a lot of the guys are pretty macho, sexist and traditional and I don't even think they realized they were doing it. It felt kind of good as a woman. Also they had almost all been watching the women whereas only a couple had been watching the men.

I pointed it out after to one of the guys that I'm more comfortable with because he's really sweet to me, but he got embarrassed about it denied they had been doing it even though they definitely repeatedly had in 2 different conversations.

I asked him if that was the official names of the tournament and he wasn't sure. He said maybe and maybe that's why they referred to it like that but then he changed his mind and denied they had done it again and got a little annoyed and stopped talking but he was still sweet to me later so he can't have been that annoyed.

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    maybe you need to ask them this question

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