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Defining the relationship too early?!?

So I’ve been seeing this guy for about a month now and we’ve been on 3 dates. He likes to call it dates too so I’m not over exaggerating. So basically we met like 2 weeks before we were both supposed to go to college and even now that we both went to college , he care and visited me last week and is gonna come visit again this week. We always talk about how much we miss each other and he calls me beautiful every single day and talks about how he loves spending time with me and misses me. We’ve even talked about the future and I’ve said how I can’t cook and stuff for my future kids and he’s like “that’s ok, because I can.” So I think he definitely likes me lol. I love being with him too and yesterday I told him I was hanging out with guys and he was like “it’s ok , I trust you” I really don’t know what this is although I think we’re dating although we haven’t given a title to each other yet. We talk everyday and he’s bought me food and stuff and does things that a boyfriend would do. We kiss and stuff and I know he is just not after sexual things because I told him I didn’t wanna go all the way and he understood and didn’t bring it up again. So I just wanna know what all this means? Lol does it sound like he’s in love with me?

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    BEWARE anyone who lavishes superficial compliments and talks about a future when you barely even have a present yet. Maybe he's just trying too hard and things will settle down with him. But this kind of pandering is usually a sign of some emotional instability. So just be careful.

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