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What is the schedule of a police officer in Canada?

Okay so I've done some research and saw in Edmonton and Calgary for example it says it's 4 days on and 4 days off and of those days it's 2 night 2 day, how is that possible? Did I miss read? That doesn't sound possible to one day wake up at 8 am and do that for 2 days and then you aren't waking up at 8 am no more you are sleeping at 8 am that seems incredibly unhealthy and dangerous to the officers and citizens. Officer401 a cop in the US said some departments in the US have 2 weeks night 2 weeks day and he said that must be hell how about 2 night 2 days. It should be 4 months day 4 months night you would have time to adjust to it. So in conclusion have I miss read? If I haven't what canadian police agencies actually have a healthy/decent schedule? RPS? SPS? VPS?

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    Normally that schedule allows you to work days the first two days and then nights. If you work Mon/Tue on days, you get off at 8pm on Tuesday and you won't go back in until 8pm Wednesday.

    That shortens your days off, though. Your last night shift would be 8pm Thursday, but you don't get off till 8am Friday.

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    Wake up, breakfast, go to work, stop crime, go home, dinner, sexy time with partner, sleep, repeat

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