I start college tomorrow and have no schedule or confirmed classes, what should I do?

I submitted my schedule late. Mostly my fault. Sent it to my academic advisor to have it reviewed yesterday with no updates. I sent an email asking what actions I should take if my schedule isn't approved in time, still no response. There are a few classes for each subject, and several buildings throughout the school, so I can't just show up and hope I'm in the right place.

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  • 12 months ago
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    Go early in the morning to the Student Center or to the Counseling Center or to the Admissions Office. Often, the school will have signs up, saying, "Need Help?" and tell you where you can get the help. Good luck!

  • di
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    12 months ago

    Congratulations! You have failed Adulting 101 by not following the most basic directions and meeting a basic deadline!!

    One might suppose by now that you have your schedule - chock full of 8 a.m. classes and electives no one else wants. NOTE: Some time this fall you will undoubtedly receive an email about spring registration. READ IT. REGISTER EARLY.

  • MS
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    12 months ago

    Your advisor wasn't likely working over the weekend. You should visit the college's registrar office to find out the status of your schedule, or you could try to see your advisor in person. I wouldn't bother continuing to email this late in the game. Show up in person. And show up first thing tomorrow morning, not right before close of business.

  • drip
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    12 months ago

    Yesterday was Saturday and your adviser wasn’t at work. So they will be dealing with this Monday. Which will be a hectic day for them. You may want to show up and see if they can talk to at some point during the day. You may get an email response at some point on Monday. But you just may be missing at least one day for school this week.

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  • Mandy
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    12 months ago

    You should have had your act together.

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