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Continual weight loss?

I dropped nearly 20lbs in less than 6 months. wWaent to the doctor and we found out i mildly have hyper thyroidism but I cant put the weight back on and now my new specialist can’t seem to find anything wrong but I’ve lost more weight again. I’ve have multiple blood tests done an mri, plus stress and depression were ruled out. The doctor didn’t seem too worried as he didn’t want me to go on medication and said I’d just get two more blood tests done in a few months to monitor my thyroid levels but I’m concerned. If you have any slight idea on what direction I should go into finding out what’s wrong please let me know. (Also I’m 22 did weigh 119 and now I’m down to 102 and I’m 5’5” so I am now classified underweight)

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    Are you currently under the care of an endocrinologist? If not, then that is the next step. You also need to get help with WHAT you are eating. You posted that you're continuing to lose weight, but your didn't indicate how many calories you are eating, what types of foods, or when. I'd also consider trying a different doctor. There is medication for hyperthyroidism, and it seems you hit a weight threshold where medication is advised.

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