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Why is there such a vast difference in intelligence between a high school dropout and a PhD astrophysicist?

It's almost so vast, that it's the difference between the intelligence of a fish and that of a human being of average intelligence

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    That's not the case at all. The smartest living man is comfortably homeless in Massachusetts as was the richest man before he died. Ted K. the unibomber was a Harvard professor in his teens and left to make bombs in his backwoods shack you would have yelled "Uncle ******" at from a passing car at. A study found prisoners our preformed Harvard students on IQ tests by far. And lets not forget many famous and successful people dropped out of high school or collage.

    What you're saying reminds me of the argument that creationism is true because the human eye is so complex. Well, most birds have better eyes. Flies have more complex eyes.

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    There isn't....unless the dropout dropped out because school was too demanding

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    One may have more knowledge in a given area but that is all. There are a lot of people with very little formal education who are just as intelligent as those with a PhD But it depends on what you mean by intelligence, there's many people with advanced degrees who have little common sense. And if you are speaking about astrophysics I think most of their current theories are incorrect, but you couldn't tell them so. Knowledge advances when the current the group at the top of their field passes away.

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