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Please help me determine whether my close friend has schizophrenia or not...?

She’s 17 and in the last 4-6 months or so (I’ve known her for 2 years) she has been acting really strangely. Sometimes she has a childlike behavior where she talks like a small child and talks very disorganized with thoughts jumping around and odd phrases and needs me to do a lot of very simple things for her and other times she acts very very agitated and gets very upset and mad at me about small things. She told me she has two different personalities, one that is a 4 year old and is gay and one that is 17 and straight(she is bi). She tends to repeat a lot of things over and over like words and actions in her childlike voice for some reason also. I find her whispering to herself or talking to herself out loud. If I ask her who I’m talking to she says one of the names of her personalities and talks to herself, saying she is talking to her other personality... I really can’t tell if she is just being weird? Could it be she is just acting weird and not being serious? Please help

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    Does she act the same way around other friends, family members or her teachers? It sounds as if she's trying to pretend to have dissociative identity disorder (used to be called multiple personality disorder) and failing miserably. My best friend has DID and she has hundreds of alters (personalities) and they don't talk to each other. She only knows that she has young children as alters when she finds that they've drawn on the walls or ordered toys online. I've met a few of them and when she switches she has no knowledge of what happens during that time. She can come round away from home, cold and confused many hours later. Your friend is also not presenting with the symptoms of schizophrenia. Why not invite her to your house for dinner and see how she acts around your parents and then decide if you want to continue to be friends. If someone has DID they cannot switch it on and off at will.

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