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Would you agree that with my mentality I’m just not ready for dating yet?

In highschool I never had a boyfriend and assumed guys never liked me. Barely any of the boys around me were very good looking. Kind of gross

I’m twenty years old now. I’ve also come in touch with this one guy who admits he used to like me, and apparently I looked better than most of them in high school. I was surprised. Anyway I just keep speaking to him to boost my self esteem. He isn’t very good looking but he’s willing to have conversation any time because he grew up lonely

Anyway. I realised I might not be ready to date for a few years. Do you reckon I’m way too immature? For one I grew up being at home doing nothing all the time (overprotective family), I get screamed at a lot, I can’t even cook, I’m socially awkward. I take medication for my anxiety disorder and went through depression last year after being off an anti depressant (the doctor tested taking me off after finishing school. It didn’t turn out very well). In fact I thought I could live life without it and fight it myself. In the end I became suicidal that year and letting things I’ve read or people say get under my skin. I mean I can’t even hang out with a guy, because it turns out dating means hanging out all the time. Oh my god. Do you reckon I’m just not mature enough for it yet? Because I’ve started questioning that

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    6+ months of emotional abuse from parents or others can be traumatic. You mentioned anxiety, depression and people bullying you in other situations with a suicide attempt. You should try to figure what is wrong: BPD, CPTSD/PTSD? It could be lots of things.

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    12 months ago

    You may be too immature to date. At any rate most your age are too immature to date seriously. But your insecurities don't give you the right to tease and manipulate other people. So if you're not interested in this guy you need to let him know that. It's unfair to use his interest just as an ego boost if you're not into him.

  • Anonymous
    12 months ago

    Expand ur friends, go out, be positive

  • 12 months ago

    Seems that your only problem is lack of good friends . You should seek a closer friendship with the one guy that will talk with you. Maybe he could introduce you to any of his friends, expanding your network of friends.

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