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Aaron asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 9 months ago

18 part time job hs graduate just got kicked out of my sis apartment have no idea what to do?

I stayed with my mom we had an argument she ended up kicking me out and I cant stay with sister #1 bc we simply cant get along so I ended up staying with sister #2 for about 5 months until one night my mom was generous enough to give me a ride to the apartment (6 miles from my job was 1 mile) I just had a extremely stressful shift bc of lazy co-workers so the first thing my mom does is shame me for not getting her a tea and kept calling me selfish I wasnt in the mood but I kept my mouth shut bc I have a big mouth and wasnt trying to get kicked out again she kept talking trash about me about how I'm a bad example for my lil bro what part of i had a stressful shift do u not understand didnt even ask me how was work so when we arrived I stormed out of the car trying so hard to hold in my anger she called me back "so you aren't gonna say thank you" I said thanks then my sister said that I can pack my things cause disrespecting will not be tolerated me and my sis never had any problems until last night I never raised my voice at them until she kicked me out then I unloaded on her I had to figure out where to put my 3 bags and 2 suitcases of clothes and stuff I'm trying to get a 2nd job my current part time job cut my hours cause they thought that I was going to college I just graduated from HS I was trying to go to college to avoid this situation but my stubborn 66 yr old mom wasnt cooperating so I couldnt get any financial aid so I decided to take a gap year to save money


and dont start blaming me cause I never said anything I have disrespected my mom numerous times in the past (the reason I'm not staying with her) but she can press my buttons on purpose she almost killed me one time cause I tried to get my phone back and she shot at the garage door to scare me off almost shot my head also one time I was just explaining something to her and she pointed a knife at me and told me to leave

Update 2:

she claims that I hit her on several occasions thats not the truth she would try to hit me with a stick she would miss and trip over and claim I knocked her down the stairs

Update 3:

when I get angry at something I always go in my room to calm down every single time she would follow me in my room and keep bothering me until I get mad at her then she shames me for being disrespectful she acts like no one can get mad ppl have emotions u know

Update 4:

I was helping pay rent until my job cut my hours but they just now brought it back up so I was paying the light bill and the wifi bill (from 250/biweekly down to 125/biweekly) I would say some extremely nasty stuff by accident when im upset which is why I would go in my room so yesterday my sis kept rushing me to pack my things and leave while shaming me and I said screw her screw mom screw the entire family I love them but they need to stop

Update 5:

Now its bad to where I cant go back but I'd rather be homeless than dealing with them I've done wrong but they keep shoving it down my throat

Update 6:

I understand I messed up big time but they just picked on my brain last night its like telling your football rivals who were 0-16 they suck and they're nothing while bothering the crap outta them

Update 7:

My current job is a 5-10 but im trying to get a overnight job at walmart I just finished my 1st interview 2 days ago I'm waiting for them to call my mom's # (I dont have a phone rn I'm borrowing my sis niece phone she left) so I'm crapping my pants cause ik how nasty she is she is not gonna tell me so thats a problem

2 Answers

  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    9 months ago

    You know, when we can't get along with one person we can sometimes legitimately blame that one person. When we can't get along with anyone we have to look in the mirror and wonder if WE'RE the problem.

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  • 9 months ago

    if you have a job just rent a room from someone

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