Please tell me is this situation normal?

My boyfriend went on vacation with his brother in low and brother in law's sister.

My boyfriend is 27 and this girl is 31. They are not family. He sad to me that he is not with her and that he has respect for his brother in law.

From my perspective this is not ok. Since he was already on vacation with his brother and he didnt ask me to come on vacation with him.

We are in long distant relationship and we didnt see each other 1 year because he has forbiden entry..but I dont..I can come to him

Can you tell me if I am overreacting? Or is his behaviour normal?

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  • Anonymous
    11 months ago
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    why was he forbidden entry? red tape or criminal issues?

    I personally wouldn't be OK with this, how would he feel if you did this to him and didn't invite him?

    I had a husband pull this **** all the time. Turned out he was cheating all the time, too. Notatroll may think lots of men don't cheat because maybe he doesn't, but lots of men do cheat as well. It's not really bout that, though. I'd say it's more of an issue of caring and respect. He's not caring how you feel and is being disrespectful and I don't care who disagrees with that and neither should you.

    Your feelings MATTER and are freaking VALID

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    • Arwen11 months agoReport

      Because 2 days earlier he provoked fight and want to break up with me for stupid reason because I didnt say that I go coffee alone

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  • Brian
    Lv 7
    11 months ago

    He can't just invite you to go if he wasn't the one to set this all up. If you don't trust him, you can't love him.

  • 11 months ago

    Why do all women think all men are cheating. He might have no damn proof of it. Stop thinking he's cheating. You might be butthurt because he didn't invite you, but that's his prerogative and he might be a jerk for it, but still...being a jerk is one thing and actually putting your penis into a girl you're not darting while you are dating a girl is a whole nother thing. Cheaters are jerks but not all jerks are cheaters. Andy D i c k (can't even type his last name, c'mon YA) is king royal jerk but no women will come close enough to him for him to cheat on her. So, there! Anyway, and please relay this to your boyfriend that I (some YA weirdo) said this...dump that crazy ***** now!

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