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We haven’t had sex yet ?

So, me and this guy been talking for 4 - 5 months and he never focus me to have sex like we talked about I told that I’m not going to give it because I don’t have time for my emotional to get in the way. And he respect that like at first I did not like him at all now like my feelings is getting involved now. And plus we not in a relationship so that’s a no no ... I know he is not gay or anything but I feel that’s getting weird if you ask me I’m use to guys wanted it on the first night but he is different I guess he is being a gentleman. But I do what it but I don’t want it and it can be tough at times.

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    the guy needs to ask you out and woo you, don't just give it up or throw it at him now that you have feelings. I find, for starting out relationships, that if I pace myself to match my partner's contributions and not over-give, that the relationship is more even and longer-lasting

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    this makes little sense. If you want sex, have sex. It's just sex!! Sex isn't what makes a relationship

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