Why I feel sometimes uncomfortable at work?

I came from places where I worked really hard. In this new job, the location is great (30 min to commute) and we don't need to do extra hours.

However, people here it is kind of snobby and superficial. I feel I don't feet in with them. In particular, a guy senior to me in experience who tries to humiliate me if I am don't give him attention.

I feel like I have to say nice things to him all day, I don't feel this is professional at all. I don't do it, so he doesn't like me at a difference of other female colleagues who always smile at him.

I am studying at the same time to improve my career, so I don't want to quit this job yet. ¿How can I stand up with this situation? Sometimes I feel angry with them and resentful. I am a naturally happy person.

Please, advise.

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  • Tepee
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    6 months ago
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    Always remain cordial with everyone and do what is expected of you and more when you can. They will soon realize your value and be more comfortable. Above all. DO NOT let them intimidate you into quitting.

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  • 6 months ago

    Unfortunately when you work at a place where you feel you don't fit in, its usually because you don't fit in. You don't relate to the other people nor them to you. Be professional, do your best and stay as long as you feel you can. If things don't get better and its really bothering you, find another job.

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