Why are people who oppose abortions sexist?

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  • 5 months ago

    I oppose abortions and I'm not sexist. Your premise is wrong.

    If you think that I'm sexist because I'm trying to control what a woman can or can't do with her body, you're wrong. Just like one can not force a sibling to donate bone marrow, no one can force a woman to go through with the pregnancy.

    I believe that a woman should have the absolute right in deciding whether or not to CREATE new life. Except, I also believe that a woman should NOT have the absolute right in deciding whether or not to END that same newly created (& separate) life that is 'alive' inside of her. Most people would call the termination of another human's life murder.

    The mother shouldn't be allowed/justified to kill/murder her own offspring just because it resides within her own body. She placed the new human life, there, freely and willingly upon her own accord. She shouldn't have the right to end that human life out of spite, mercy, selfishness, or any other reason.

    Some people believe that bodily autonomy & a woman's supposed right to abort supersedes the bodily autonomy & human right to life of an unborn child. Whose rights are more right?

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    • WaldoBC
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      4 months agoReport

      Then, they should get free hysterectomies.
      I would be willing to have my tax dollars go towards that.

      I'm not 'really' calling it murder! I'm just saying that, normally, the termination of another's life is called that.

      How about 'medical assassination' instead of murder?

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  • Elana
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    5 months ago

    Some are. Some are not.

    I am pro-choice but no, I will not belittle the legitimate arguments against abortion.

    The process does kill something that could well become the next Ghandi. Yes, there can be major psychological repercussions later on to people who have abortions. Yes, you could well be killing somebody who has a perfectly willing competent person who wants to be the father.

    Never-the-less I don t believe society has the right to tell a woman what she can do within her body.

    If she wants to, say, drink, or smoke or whatever, and that harms the fetus, is she committing assault? If you give the fetus equal rights to the mother, she basically has surrendered her own autonomy, not to the the baby, but TO THE STATE for the duration of the pregnancy.

    There are many women who are pro-life, who have very good reasons to object to abortion. These reasons are not stupid, these people are not stupid. However, I don t agree with them.

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  • A.J.
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    5 months ago

    90% of Republicans in Congress are white non-Hispanic males. This "white non-Hispanic male" demographic is also very common at State level and common to most of the people who oppose abortion. You can fairly say that "people" as used in the question are over-generalizing, because some women oppose abortion and "sexist" ony refers to the male people opposing abortion, regardless of ethnicity.

    That provides the needed background.

    Women are the sex who carry the zygote or fetus and have to make their decision with help of their doctor and anyone else they seek advice from. For men to tell women that they cannot have an abortion is men saying "we know better and we are in charge of this".

    A male may have a right about their own child-to-be about whether the woman that person impregnated has an abortion, and better be willing to financially and time devote support that pregnancy and child.

    But extending it to a different woman is saying their opinion is the one that counts and that is a superiority and control, i.e. a form of sexism.

    I am a social liberal, fiscal conservative, atheist/free thinker by religion, and happen to be a gay male.

    I believe abortion should be totally free to any woman that wants one and in the late term there needs to be a better reason. This agrees with every aspect about me.

    Woman's right to choose

    Reduce total government expenditure

    Keep religion out of the way

    It's not my child to be, nor will I ever be in a position to make the choice.

    Although some religious preachers seem to be against abortion, it isn't in the bible one way or the other.

    It's really about one set of people controlling another.

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