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What do Israelis think of Lebanon, Lebanese Christians and Jews?

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    Generally speaking, Israel actually doesn't have that bad of an image of Lebanon and the Lebanese people. Of all the nations in the Middle East that they don't have relations with, Lebanon is the one people most strongly want to make peace with. The Israeli perception of Lebanon is of a Levantine nation that, like them, can balance European and Middle Eastern influences, and has beautiful landscapes and a great culture.

    The problem that Israelis have is with their government, or more specifically the cancer that has infested it: The terrorist group Hezbollah. Given Hezbo's very blunt desire to annihilate Israel, that's really not a surprise. Israelis do recognize that they're a Lebanon-based group, but view them as an Iranian-backed leech so they don't really view it as all that Lebanese. And honestly, it's my impression that at least half the Lebanese themselves view Hezbollah quite negatively and too foreign as well, regardless of their stance on Israel.

    I think Lebanese Christians will be quite surprised to find how friendly and warm Israelis can be, even if their backgrounds are known to them. Many Israelis view the friendlier Lebanese group to them to be the Christians, and recognize what group allied with them during the Lebanese Civil War. I know quite a few in the Lebanese Diaspora are also pro-Israel, interacting with some myself.

    With Lebanese Jews, the answer is simple: They're Jews. Around 50% of Israel's Jewish population comes from communities that were established in nations hostile to them, so their Lebanese label doesn't scare them one bit. Jews recognize Jews as fellow Jews, it's as simple as that even for the Lebanese ones. However, when taking in the Lebanese label in specifically, most recognize the sad reality that the Lebanese Jewish community is effectively dead in Lebanon, with maybe 200 remaining in the nation (most of whom are elderly and stubborn to move).

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    Whatever you hear nice words from Zionists on Lebanon or Lebanese does not mean it is right.

    Zionists or Israelis (living in occupied Palestine) have a plan to invade Palestine and the suburbs, From the Nile (Egypt) to the Euphrates (Iraq) exterminating and killing anything not Zionist on their way, hiding behind Islamic terrorism to Ally Lebanese Christian to them, in late 80’s and early 90’s we believed the Tsahal and their leaders by pushing out Palestinians from Lebanon to get our country back.

    It appeared that they were putting their plan in execution and they killed our Hero president Bashir Jemayel, he worked with them without doing what they want, they killed him.

    At a certain point Christians woke up and knew that if they don’t put their hands with the Muslim majority, they will disappear as the Zionists does not care for them.

    Unfortunately Hizballah changed his resistance strategy from fighting Zionists to protecting the borders between Lebanon and the occupation, Unfortunate too that 50% of Lebanese Christians had allied with Hizballah.

    Now to answer your question briefly after this long explanation, Zionists does not seek a relation with Lebanese Christians but a tool to invade the area and throw the inhabitant out, Hizballa is a good reason to let Israel make another genocide against Christian and Muslim Lebanese.

    A lot of Lebanese Jews left the county after the civil war like many of Muslim/Christian Lebanese.

    Indeed the're still a good number that I can't confirm the numbers still in central Beirut, but what I can confirm that all their assets are still for them, unsold and un-transfered to anybody in "Wadi Abou-Jmil".

    Sure because there is a lot of migrants and displaced, they may take over (since years) but when the time comes, it will be return to its original owners, unlike the zionist state, they take, transfer all properties for them and throw the owners outside their properties.

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    Your question is not clear. Explain what do you want to know, and be prepared to get all kinds of goofy responses from anti-Semites, Arab-Haters, and pseudo intellectuals. Also, different Israelis will harbor different attitudes towards Lebanese, and other nationalities.

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