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What are some good adblockers for firefox on the mac that do not cause viruses or other problems?

I used to have one and firefox kept crashing. I also kept getting something saying "apple wants to make some changes" and it would show up 3 times. It would never say what changes it wanted to make and asked for my password. Those both went away as soon as I uninstalled it.

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  • Fred
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    12 months ago

    Don't blame Firefox or your ad blocker for your problems!

    What can cause problems are the extensions that you have chosen to run. I have been running ad blockers with the PC version of Firefox for years without major problems. Some sites wont let you into them until the ad blocker is disabled.

  • 12 months ago

    If your adblocker is causing you "viruses", then you're probably downloading them from the wrong place.

    I use U-Block Origin on FF and never had any issues with it. Make sure you download it from the official Firefox add-ons page:

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