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I’m on the pill and have been for like seven years I’ve never missed one but often take at dif times (take combined pill), he used condom and pulled out. Pregnant?

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  • Anonymous
    12 months ago


    The combination pill is effective even if you are not exact on the time you take it.

    A condom is the recommended back up method for the pill if you miss a pill.

    Pulling out was not needed and ACTUALLY INCREASES THE RISK OF A CONDOM FAILURE. When using a condom, trying to pull out quickly at the moment of ejaculation increases the chances that the condom might slip off.

    It sounds like your anxiety levels are too high to be sexually active if you used two reliable methods of birth control and you are still paranoid.

    The pill STOPS ovulation - no egg - no pregnancy - no matter HOW much sex you have or how much sperm gets inside of you.

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