Can a heart arrhythmia go away if you got it from taking drugs?

I used to do drugs but not heavy. I took meth and I read that taking meth with the medication im on can cause an arrhythmia. I took stimulants while on my medicine for about 3 months using all together about three days a month. The very last time I used i noticed a change in my heart a couple weeks later. My doxtor says I may have svt or atrial flutter.

I got an echocardiogram and it came negative so my heart is healthy. If you have a healthy heart and you have an arrhthmia does this mean the arrhythmia can just go away? And if so how long does it take? Also i haven't been getting episodes as often if I stop getting them does that mean my arrhythmia is gone?

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  • k w
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    6 months ago

    it may have messed with the minerals in your body,I know the quack won't reco minerals. I had palpitations and took mag/phos a homeopathic preparation the quacks tried to outlaw back in the 1800's...take minerals, not drugs, prescribed or otherwise.....

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  • 6 months ago

    There is no straight answer to this as it depends upon what was damaged and whether the damage was permanent or not.

    A damaged sino-atrial node or damage to the “Bundle of His” will often be permanent. As will hardening or calcification of the mitral or tricuspid valves.

    Scans often cannot determine whether any damage has occurred to those nor whether it’s permanent, although leaky valves for whatever cause are often identiable using a simple stethoscope and a well-trained ear, but that cannot determine permanence or recoverability.

    What can be said is that ceasing the abuse of drugs will generally prevent those problems from worsening and will maximise any chances of recovery, whether partial or fully.

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