Whats a better purchase for me? 4k vs 1080 TV - 55" from 10 ft away?

I recently bought an apartment and am living on a sort of tight budget but I want to eventually buy a nintendo switch and a 55" screen TV to place on the wall opposite my living room so I can have friends over and play games. The primary purpose of this TV will be to play games on the switch or watch netflix and the wall is about 10 ft from the couch. is it worth buying a 4k tv or can I get by with 1080 without feeling like im being cheap?

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  • 6 months ago

    For you to get any real benefit from 4k,

    the screen should be at least 65 inches.

    My reason-based assessment is that NO ONE needs a screen larger than 45 inches.


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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I have a 55" plasma that we likely watch from that distance. It is many years old.

    When I bought it, 1080 was the 4K of its day. The reviews I read at that time said that you would be hard pressed in a store at that distance from seeing any difference between the 720P and 1080P between the two models I was looking at (both Panasonic). The 720P was significantly less expensive and I went with the 720P and never regretted it.

    The question would be what is the difference? $100 versus several thousand could easily change your decision but you didn't provide that information. Personally, I'd go with the lower cost especially if you are on a tight budget.

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  • 6 months ago

    55” is right on the borderline between whether it’s worth getting 4K over 1080HD. When I sold/rented TVs the manufacturer’s sales reps always said that 56” and over merited 4K “at normal viewing distances”. For most people, 10’ is slightly above normal viewing distance,

    I personally wouldn’t pay extra for 4K under the circumstances you describe. On cheaper models it can introduce many unwanted viewing artefacts due to all the internal signal processing required. Expensive models cost a vast amount simply for having the latest and fastest internal hardware.

    But there are regular clear-outs of discontinued models and they can bag you a top-quality model such as Panasonic, Samsung, and LG. Many still trust the Sony brand as well, but their prices do not match their quality especially as they don’t make or design ANY display screens themselves and very few of the other internal components.

    Better quality brands also have *much* better remote control units

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